Hunger came!

There is very interesting topic about in-game food system @ oook, so I’ve made my 0.02$ there by writing an article Roguelike gamedesign: food problem

In short: current food system in ‘regular’ mode is not bright. To make it more interesting we would try an experiment by removing food from provisioner shop. It fits in lore alright – war with Morgoth made bag of gold cost less than bag of wheat. Food is rare and you should find it to survive.

Don’t worry, guys, there are plenty of food in the dungeon, stolen from fellow townies by orcs 🙂 You just need to put some effort to get it (and you would meet a lot of interesting situations and adventures in process!).

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2 Responses to Hunger came!

  1. Tangaria Player says:

    Ультрахардкор получился после отмены еды. Для новичков вообще неподъёмно. Там в подземельях на первых уровнях еда встречается довольно редко, новичок тупо не успевает найти еду даже если обходит всё что можно.

    • tangar says:

      Please communicate @ English 😀

      New hunger system is closer to true roguelikish feeling. But we would continue testing it and would change/add some more stuff

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