Hunger is comming…

When I first recognize that in online roguelike game you have to eat – I was very excited about that. It feels very oldschool and greatly added realism to the gameplay.
But than one day I’ve discovered Satisfy Hunger scrolls. They were cheap. They were immune to glutton ghost and other creatures which ‘steal food’. And they really break game food mechanics cause it makes ‘eating’ (it’s even not eating, but reading anymore) just a very regular and boring activity.
Guys, trust me. It’s so great to appear in the dungeon without food and without possibility to escape! It’s real adventure. You need to survive, find _anything_ to eat. Every mushroom is a treasure! I had such situation at IDDC recently.
So… From now on Satisfy Hunger scrolls are very rare and expensive. Their price now x100, up to 1000 g (regular shop, but you won’t see them there until new ‘rare’ flag would come) and 3000 g (BM). Also chance to find stack reduced (now it’s pile:100:1d1).

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