• Werewolves got lycanthropy: during the night they become more terrible and powerful than ever before;
  • DAM_RED affects only physical damage;
  • DRAIN_EXP now takes some satiation (for <50 lvl heroes);
  • some monsters could now drop Fortune Cookies with interesting messages;
  • added some additional food as monster’s drop, eg Ugluk drops “Swig of Orcish Liquor”; Beorn may have Honey-cake, etc;
  • spiders now can weave bigger web if they are not warriors, monk or unbelievers;
  • rebalanced damage cap (reduced some minor resistance for ~25-50);
  • plasma attacks apply stun less often;
  • possible stun length increased;
  • possible poisoning effect length increased;
  • added seahorse and djinn as possible habitants in fountains;
  • digestion when gorged slowed;
  • DETECT_TREASURES doesn’t work in labyrinths;
  • new monsters: darkling & shadow of nazgul;
  • wisps and Ungoliant got EAT_LIGHT;
  • Halflings got Black Breath resistance;
  • Black Breath makes you hungry;
  • fix spider invisibility glitch;
  • fix wrong appearance after reincarnation;
  • added two test dummies and test spell for testing purposes;
  • fix for titan and half-giant blows per round;
  • fix Stormbringer sword tile.

IM_LIGHT and RES_LIGHT flags for monsters:

    • all kind of creeping coins;
    • acolyte, healer, priest, paladin, patriarch, knight Templar, inquisitor;
    • Vasilisa the Beautiful;
    • gold dragons;
    • Ulfast;
    • ball lightning, rainbow vortex, wisps;
    • pixie, fairy, unicorns;
    • stairways mimics;
    • colbran, fire golem, bronze golem;
    • all kind of angels and some maiar;
    • jabberwocks, Zhar-ptitsa.

Some mid-game bosses got RES_LIGHT (~1/2 damage): Ulfang the Black, The Wight-King of the Barrow-downs, The Minotaur of the Labyrinth, The Stormbringer, The Watcher in the Water, Golgarach, the Living Rock, The Glass Golem.

  • Troll bishop, Ogre priest, Troll priest, Tom the Stone Troll – don’t have HURT_LIGHT anymore;
  • Baba Yaga got IM_POISON;
  • Barrels, crates, statues and altars got additional resistances;
  • Bloodfang, the Wolf and Mauhur, the Orc Captain become male;
  • Rat King drops gold;
  • Tom Bombadil become WANDERER;
  • Mad King got magic resistances;
  • Some uniques without loot now can drop chest sometimes.

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