New map-guide

Shtukensia prepared walkthrough for the Tangaria map. It could be found in Guide menu → ‘Map

More rebalance of powerful races, as we need something to compensate power of some races in comparison to others:

  • high elves will be dreadful in saving throws (mollycoddles); high humans not too good in it either;
  • all ‘god-like’ races now restricted in magic devices using (as MDs are mundane creation). It concerns not only enlightened, cambion and other ‘half-gods’, but also ents and dragons;
  • godlikes got their HP nerfed (for some time.. soon PWMA will have very interested ways for races rebalance and then I hope it will be possible to restore their original HPs);
  • humans +1 CON every 12 lvls;
  • dragon starts tiny and weak; just hatched from the egg (-20 all stats). If you think that it’s too much – check my streams where I currently play as dragon monk 🙂

Starting project on dungeons design. Goal: to make dungeons look cool with new terrain features. So far testing new elements in newbie dungeon and at Abandoned Manor. There are some bug because of hardcoded stuff, but Powerwyrm is hunting them down 😉

Also we have a lot of new stuff; game updated almost on daily basic. Join our Discord to be in touch and read update notes in real-time!

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