Race rebalance & EXP penalty removal

  • Dungeons got strict limits for lvls at which they are accessible
  • All race XP penalty equalized to 125%, except Humans (150% and yeeks 200%). Why: because EXP penalty became a positive bonus in Tangaria as you have much more time roaming low lvl dungeons for better items/exp.
  • High exp races were heavely rebalanced.
  • Shops revamp
  • Disabled certain types of imba dragon as players race – player won’t be able to get it until there will be more ways to rebalance this race.

Server had a wipe. Also there are some tileset updated (entrance to dungeons), but I’ll wait with it’s publishing till new PWMA version. 

Please note that it’s experimental and a lot of rearrangements will come after testing. Please report your feedback after playing new races.

Some background information considering race’s rebalance (out of my reports at discord):

Another interesting thing that it’s step back to original concept – DnD does not have exp penalties.

Actually it’s close to stuff which Nick made in V, but he didn’t make any rebalance; which is ok for singleplayer as new system could look as game difficulty lvls – easy/medium/hard (as there are loads ways to cheat in singleplayer if player wants to; eg wizard mode); but in multiplayer we have to work with the balance, so there won’t be OP races (or races with which it’s too EZPZ to win).

Exp penalties matters only 1-50 lvl.. so at actual endgame (at lvl 50) you could enjoy High-Elf powers (which are better than humans) in exchange on the fact that you’ve spend 2x more time to get there (or 4x if it was dragon.. up to 8x if it was Power Dragon). But you’ve spend this 2x time ALREADY with this powers. They are ON from the start so if we removing exp penalties and at least postpone receiving this bonuses – it’s already a good thing.

But is it enough for proper rebalance?.. Will it makes races equal desired by players?.. Nope. As they will get OP abilities at the end anyway. There we coming back to deficit of weaknesses…. Eg if there will be CHA stat and additional SUSP (susceptibilities) – it will be much easier to rebalance certain races.

To remove exp factor we need to implement certain weaknesses. If we will just strap off benefits which races have – it will make races look the same, without individuality so we need to preserve benefits, but to add weaknesses. They shouldn’t be critical nothing which will make char 1 shotted, but some particular ‘qualities’… SUSP with 10% sounds alright
so if there is a Troll with hp dice 12 or Dragon with 13.. or Ent with 14.. it will not be critical to add 10% SUSP, as it will still got additional exp comparing to races with >10 dices (ent already got fire SUSP btw.. maybe it a bit harsh even as it much more than 10%).

Another way to add weakness – is to start property from negative value. Eg to have dunadan race stealth -2 at character start; which will become +1 at lvl 50:


It means that at lvl 1 it’s got -2 stealth; at lvl 17 -1; at lvl 33 0; at lvl 49 +1.

This way we kinda replace EXP penalty with other stats penalties. For Ent race it could be interesting solution – you start as a ‘weak’ tree which grown eventually in a powerful Ent
but not much trees get to the end as it’s pretty hard… (the same to dragon… tiny dragons are very vulnerable, while lvl 50 dragon is almost invincible), eg:

#add one more HP (V is 14)
#str8 int-4 wis2 dex-4 con8

Ents starts as very tiny and weak sprout.. but it will grow eventually into powerful Ent; also it will become slower in time (it’s a draft; I suppose I’ll have to make a lot of adjustments later on; after I’ll play this race). It feels pretty neat to have +1 STR every 3 lvls. Player will feel how his tiny Ent grow… It will happen on his eyes 🙂

Still it’s very advanced race to play, not easy one. The same will go to other imba races, like dragons; such races should be available only for experienced players. Still.. Powerful races will have huge HP dice, eg Ents got 14.. so it will be manageable to play them I suppose. I’ll test it.

There are possible a lot of different ways to rebalance, eg Nephalem race got:


You start as cursed and become blessed…

More stuff are coming! Join our discord channel to be in touch! (link in ‘contacts’).

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