Development version of PWMAngband 1.3.0 released for testing

Here’s the list of changes that have been implemented up to now:

User interface

Angband 4.1.3:

– Spell info improvements
– Grey out unreadable books in the inventory
– Show recharge failure chances in item list


– Match class color with spellbooks, make ghosts light grey
– Switch the Brandywine Bridge area from special level to town
– Add option to overexert player instead of preventing casting when out of mana

Gameplay changes

Angband 4.1.3:

– Updated mage class (arcane realm)
– Make slow and confuse monsters progressive
– New druid class (nature realm)
– Make Bookseller automatically sell all town books
– Remove class experience penalty
– Updated priest class (divine realm)
– Make demons living
– Updated necromancer class (shadow realm)
– Updated paladin class (divine realm)
– Updated rogue class (shadow realm)
– Allow rogues to steal from sleeping monsters
– Nerf extra shots (PWMAngband: implement fractional shots)
– Updated ranger class (nature realm)
– New blackguard class (shadow realm)
– Adjust hitdice
– Alchemist sells wands of Light and Stone to Mud instead of Hold Monster,
Stun Monster and Wonder
– Replace pointy penalty with blessed bonus
– Remove arcane glove penalty
– Reduce frequency of non-readable books


– Updated sorceror class (arcane realm)
– Allow wands of Heal Monster to work on other players
– Remove class restrictions for Dragons and race/class restrictions for
fruit bat mode except Dragon
– New FRIENDLY monster flag
– Make idle players even more stealthy
– Updated archer class (nature realm)
– Updated telepath class (psi realm)
– Updated summoner class (divine realm)
– Add maximum level requirement parameter for dungeons
– Add minimum level requirement system for objects (activated by
the LEVEL_REQUIREMENT server option)

Bugs fixed

Angband 4.1.3:

– Stop non-damaging projections from waking up monsters
– Fix mana not updating bug
– Fix crash bug where some carried objects fail to be created


– Allow more than 255 terrain types
– Remove pointless cure blindness/confusion effects from spells which obviously
cannot be cast while blind or confused

Coding changes

Angband 4.1.3:

– Improve monster detection code
– Improvements to effect code
– Change targets to struct target
– Make notifications on player timed effects finishing behave more sensibly
– Rework timed status effects
– Tweak class melee
– Replace coordinates with a struct loc


– Add a cooldown parameter for spells
– Remove obsolete CLASS_GHOST variable
– Set max townies in town.txt for each town and remove the cfg option
– Remove max trees cfg option, don’t grow trees and prevent destroying trees
in starting town
– Improve MvM code

Files updated: binaries only (source will come with first beta).
Files are available for download at the usual location:

YAY! Great job, Powerwyrm!

I’m finishing tileset atm, almost done 😀 Server would be updated very soon. I’ve figured out a few tricks which helps to add large amount of tiles faster (in case if you got 4x of the same tile for lights), example could be seen in my past streams:

in Russian:
in English:

Added windows, side tiles etc.. A few things left 

To report typo, error or make suggestion: select text and press Ctrl+Enter.

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