PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 11

– Players now start with 70% satiation
– Fix not automatically learning curses after using curse weapon/armor
– Fix pickup menu not properly allowing to pickup items one by one
– Rework magic mapping/enlightenment to take into account custom walls
– Fix quick_floor option
– Prevent recalling on harmful terrain
– Make acquirement generate the item in the inventory (if pack is not full) if the floor around the character isn’t suitable for objects
– Use custom floor under a mimic when it is revealed or deleted
– Remove speed penalty from being Full when calculating food digestion rate to avoid double penalty
– Use to-hit skill instead of player level in critical calculation
– Add ‘line of sight’ through rock, improve PASS_WALL monster behaviour near permanent walls
– Fix critical bug that made wraithed players totally invisible to monsters
– Tightened code for unique generation
– Adjust targeting of STRIKE effect
– Improve consistency in element rune learning
– Fix plural of crow of Durthang
– Final tweaks to blackguard

This also concludes the porting of V4.2.1 features apart from the new dungeon level templates.

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