Decard Coin

  • Now game client download hosted on GitHub
  • Fix undestructable trees
  • General Store now always got lanterns (no need to wait)
  • Arthur now sells bows, crossbows and slings; he always got long bows
  • Decard Coin sells enhancement scrolls (archers are welcome). Though old rascal got quite a profit from selling them…
  • Slow Digestion became much more rare
  • Magic shop now got more different magic rings (more expensive than at Black Market though)
  • Reduced satiation from mushrooms
  • Removed satiation from healing potions
  • Scroll of Remove Hunger sets your satiation to 50%
  • Brown yeek fix
  • Green glutton ghost nerf

There are regular video streams going on; links and announcements in Discord. Fill in!

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