PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 9

– Add 1-2 mushroom drop to Farmer Maggot
– Fix custom tiles generated on top of monsters/objects
– Make DRAIN_EXP only drain experience when the player is not idle
– Rework FAST_THROW so it gives extra might instead of extra shots, give it to dragons and hydras
– Give magic shots, rocks, shurikens and boomerangs the THROWING flag
– Adjust throwing damage
– Don’t drop items under NEVER_MOVE + NO_DEATH monster (like target dummy)
– Fix item combination not redrawing the floor
– Tidying up of projection effects
– Adjust hill troll tile
– Improve some information
– Sort slays/brands by damage
– Changed message_color_define() so there’s only one entry per message type for the color
– Stack items when dropping
– Fixes in message.c

Linux users please note: there is a blunder in z-form.c so the source doesn’t compile under Linux. To be able to do so replace the file.

Additionally in Tangaria:

  • yeeks are known of good at running from danger.. but also they are good at throwing stuff into bullies who trying to get to them
  • yeeks now a bit harder in learning

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