Roguelike dungeons

Finally first stage of dungeons redesign completed! I rarely post T’s news nowadays, but work is going on at daily basis; some of new stuff:

  • Tileset rearrangments
  • Bunch of new terrain and loads of terrain revamp/fixes
  • Dungeons got custom features: rubbles, fountains, stairs, doors
  • Assigned proper wall flags istead of ROCK to solve rubble problem
  • Dungeon redesign (flags & monsters)
  • Increased number of stairs down
  • Added separate permawalls
  • NO_STAIR / NO_MONSTERS for F2W (floors-to-walls) terrain
  • NPC revamp; some was renamed, eg Old Man become Decard Coin (he is selling scrolls for a good price, you know..)
  • NPC stores slots rearranged
  • Mr. Underhill now sign his favorite song (in a new way)
  • Mage shop got secret door (рush!)
  • World design; mainly location to the west and east
  • Player houses location terrain
  • Angband dungeon moved to the North
  • Removed DRAIN_EXP for races (temporary; we need a new flag for it)
  • Hydra race revamp
  • Archer HP buff
  • Gold drop back to traditional way
  • Assigned INNATE-FREQ to monsters
  • New towny bear (thanks spara for tile)

Some examples of new dungeons design:

   Sandworm Lair      Paths of the Dead      Straight Road            Mount Doom

And nice demo of new PWMA negative lightning system ported from V:

This is nefarious tree monster.. It spreads gloom around itself to fool new players.

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