PWMAngband 1.5.0 — Angband 4.2.3 up to 16/04

– Allow CMD_WIELD to select from the quiver
– Add option to remove borders in the SDL client
– Disentangle IMPAIR_HP and COMBAT_REGEN
– Correct some miscellaneous comments
– Improvements to effect info
– Allow item in starting kit to be excluded by a logical or of one or more birth
options (or negated birth options)
– Add paranoia check in Receive_text_screen()
– Refactor effect_info() to take into consideration various hacks
– Fix some typos in documentation
– Add some descriptions for the front-end specific details
– Update comments in object.txt and object_base.txt
– Update class.txt comments
– Give +moves instead of +speed to shapechangers under level 20
– Fix objects generated on customized floors

Please update client

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