PWMAngband 1.5.0 fifth alpha

– Allow more smileys in chat messages
– Reverse order of “you are wielding” and “you were wielding” messages when
swapping items
– Apply “worthless” to enchanted items with store (or mixed) origins only
– Add max level on race/class brands and slays
– Allow any other value than 0 and 1 for the LIGHT_LEVEL effect to just
lighten up and magic map the level without revealing objects
– Add LIMITED_TELE object flag
– Give mage staves regeneration and elven staves see invisible
– Fix crash in process_monsters when mon->closest_player is dead
– Add ‘conf_done’ destructor
– Add more hacks to vstrnfmt
– Add constants for depth where labyrinths start to be generated
unlit/unknown/with hard walls
– Update docs for option customization
– Remove Necklace of the Eye support
– Fix wiz_light error
– Fix weight decrease when wielding from a stack of inventory items

Server wiped. Cya-in game!

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