Races and their forms

Races updates:

  • Half-giants now are immensely good in digging and could take forms of different giants: from hill, frost, fire giants up to cyclops and titans;
  • Werewolves revamp. This race now could shapeshift to wolves, hellhounds and even volkodlaks. But the more powerful they become – the more aggressive they become and at the end they become quite insane and attacking everything on sight. Their claws now grow at 25 → 15;
  • Vampires could transform into vampiric mist and different types of bats;
  • Cambion could take form of demons: tengu, quasit, bodak, vrock, nalfeshnee;
  • Gargoylies in time become VERY sturdy, but also quite slower;
  • Golems also become a bit sturdier in time, but it doesn’t affect their overall speed; only movement;
  • Half-elves got speed bonus at 50 → 45;
  • Damned better at searching;
  • Black dwarves more stealthy;
  • Goblins got speed bonus at 50 → 25;
  • Ogres got mana bonus 50 → 25;
  • Trolls could now become Snow Trolls at lvl 30;
  • Dark Elves get their bonuses gradually, not instant.


  • Lose memories potion more safe to drink
  • Fixed blackguard wrong form
  • Wolves become less fast, but now got longer teeth.

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