Races appearances

  • Merged race part of tileset with PWMA; to do so I’ve moved monster tiles from 83-84 to other spots
  • Added appearance to recently added Tangaria’s races (tiles plundered from DCSS tileset; some are reworked):

Black Numenorean, Damned, Merfolk, Barbarian, Black Dwarf, Goblin, Half-Giant, Ogre, Troll, Orc, Forest Goblin, Dark Elf, Werewolf, Undead, Vampire, Enlightened, Cambion, Celestial, Balrog, Nephalem, Gargoyle, Golem.

  • Added some new tiles for monsters which were moved from 83-84
  • Reduced sleepness of town’s animals
  • Town animals now run away from player less willingly
  • Buff of Half-Giant race
  • Tangaria’s package now accessible on GitHub

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