Cursed Jar

Mapping and detection revamp (objects, spells, items activation):

  • Mapping magic now has much bigger radius, but serious side effects – short paralize, blindness, hallucinations.
  • Detection magic radius restored (as it was overnerfed; limited_esp is enough).

Food system (objects, spells):

  • Food now do not decrease satiation, if you are well fed.
  • As there are much more food in dungeons (because of new types of food from V), food removed from stores; except especially expensive Hard Biscuits.
  • Some food/drinks rework, eg Orcish Liquor increase your movement speed for a couple of moves.


  • Curse Armour scroll now is more severe; but moved deeper.
  • Nerfed scroll of Damned Jail.
  • Potion of Death now is equally dangerous (but not fatal) for characters of any level.
  • Ruination is now stunningly unpleasant.
  • Cursed Vessel → Cursed Jar; and now it’s also dive into the minds, surrounding you.


  • Lobelia Sackville-Baggins revamped and moved from newbie dungeon to a bit deeper.
  • Barrel sleepness reduced.
  • Brigand and outlaw rearrangement and tileset fix.
  • Tom Bombadil buff.
  • Removed wrong FRIGHTENED flags as monsters don’t attack (we need AI_ANNOYING).


  • Stores now selling Salt Water (to cure over-eating).
  • Fixed bug with custom NPC order (Black Market didn’t work; now it’s ok).


  • Half-Giant got Damage Reducement and immune to trap after it grows (which is extremely unlucky as LIMITED-TELEPORT flag is not there yet; and it has NO-TELEPORT for now).
  • Ruins terrain PROJECT flag temporary off (till MOVE flag will appear).
  • Hunter’s Valley location got more inhabitants.
  • Carn Dum moved to the border of Arda.
  • Added tiles to ^W (looks stupid for now).
  • Added one-window-fullscreen addon to client package.

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