Races improvements

Added some interesing idea to races progress, eg:

  • Darklander got additional stealth at 45 lvl
  • Damned got it’s stats degraded over time in exchange for good health recovery and immortal life (time resistance)
  • Merfolk can’t dig so well
  • Barbarian don’t born as a heroes and become stronger only after hard training (stat gain over lvls).. Although they also become less intelegent, but more wise (compared to young barbarians)
  • Black Dwarfs become better in digging in time, but louder
  • Goblins become more dexterious and got more vitality in time
  • Trolls speed become gradually decaying
  • Half-giants can’t teleport (but become very.. very strong. They are descendants of Titans after all..)
  • Cambion got perma ‘drain exp’ in exchange to power (Maia with additinal chaos/nex resistance, but less exp penalty)
  • Balrog got ‘perma-aggro’ in exchange to fire immunity and other bonuses
  • Undeads got slowed regen (actually they do not regenerate at all) and also loose speed a bit over becoming high lvl. Maybe vampires should also have problem with regeneration? Share your ideas in comments!

It’s not all, I just don’t have time atm to enlist all stuff – concept is pretty raw and would be constantly rebalanced.. and then I’ll post there detailed information about race changes.

A lot of stuff going on right now, Powerwyrm added so much great features recently. It would take some time to ‘fill’ them up with content, but even now game looks awesome!

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