Roguelike’ish curses

n the past we had classic roguelike ‘sticky’ curse system – when you wielded cursed item, you can not take it off anymore. It often leaded to the need to start over after you wield cursed item – which is quite fatal, especially for multiplayer roguelike experience… Some years ago in Vanilla it was changed to other system – when cursed items had just some annoying properties, but you can take them off freely; so cursed item become just rubbish item, player in most cases don’t need to deal with curses anymore, which is.. a bit boring. So I’ve implemented something in the middle – you can take off cursed items, but can’t drop them from. It makes player to decide: should player continue in the dungeon or go to town to uncurse items which occupy place in inventory / add carry weight. Players may want to bring uncurse scrolls with them (which occupy slot and cost gold). So it makes curses stay in the game, but at the same moment they are not too annoying. Patchnotes:

  • Disable dropping of common cursed items; you must uncurse or break them to get rid of them;
  • Minor cursed items can be dropped under the sunlight (Hey dol! Merry dol! Ring a dong dillo!);
  • One does not simply can destroy cursed items (throw away to get rid of them);
  • No more empty entrances generated during house creation; doors, stairs, bulletin boards and fireplaces are very rare;
  • Prevent offensive magic passing through house windows;
  • Objects at house floors (safe floors) can not be affected by magic;
  • Potion of Sleep increase stealth (as you drop dead to sleep.. no snorting!);
  • Feagwath boss drops mushrooms of Terror;
  • Mid-game+ food drop rates lowered;
  • TMD_TERROR and STEALTH effects now depends on player’s level;
  • Thunderlord’s pet now constant: it won’t be replaced by younger versions;
  • Floating eye monster become more dangerous;
  • Temporary disabling CHR-mana dependency for physically weak classes – summoner and priest;
  • Lowered price on Hard Biscuit in General Store; higher prices for booze in Tavern;
  • You can buy Old Lantern in General Store (note, that you can not refill them);
  • Added spades and throwing rocks to General Store;
  • Occasionally you can buy Dried Fruits and Food rations in General Store;
  • Now you can buy House Scroll in General Store to build big sized houses;
  • You can not sell ‘Stormbringer’ in player’s shop;
  • ‘Stormbringer’ got EPIC flag and can’t be generated as randart (need to check for ego now…)
  • Renamed:
    Scrolls of Remove Hunger to Satisfy Hunger
    Scrolls of Identify Rune to Idenfity
    Piece of Elvish Waybread to Lembas
  • Priest could create Holy Water; it restore some mana and apply different positive effects;
  • Rogue’s Create Poison spell restore some mana occasionally;
  • Fixed polymorph problem for Unbeliever and Ent;
  • Gaining CHR with potion of Augmentation now harder;
  • Trees back to town;
  • Instead of stealth malus to lanterns and lamp – now it’s stealth bonus to ego torches;
  • Adjusted prices for ego lights;
  • Movement bonus at some jewelry nerfed;
  • Sorcerer class got some stealth bonus back;
  • You receive stealth boni if you are without light in darkness;
  • Phial of Undeath artifact revamp;
  • Fixed wrong articles for objects (‘pipe-weed’ case);
  • Magic ammo prices raised, but the different to BM lowered;
  • Fire-till_kill fix: to ensure that rng won’t bring fatal chance we also flush every half-turn;
  • Technical fixes by Serega88.

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