Hungry tree? Fly to water!

Hunger and water

  • Now it’s possible to drink from any source of water; it will give some satiation to keep you alive, but won’t make you fed (more info will be added to the guide soon);
  • New water types: SHALLOW_WATER, BAD_WATER, FOUL_WATER (+to common WATER);
  • SLOW DIGESTION won’t be generated on magic items;
  • Racial food replaced by less powerful one and players got extra Satisfy Hunger scrolls from classes choice;
  • Scrap of Flesh food become less spoiled;
  • Stomach Water don’t make you starving anymore.


  • Animals and wood monsters can pass trees;
  • Added NO_PASS_TREE flag which prevent monsters to pass trees. Some multiplying animals can’t pass through the thick forest;
  • Druid and ranger classes and ent race can pass trees;
  • FEATHER allow some chance to pass trees if you are 35+ lvl.


  • New property – FLYING: for now it allows to pass trees;
  • It can be found on a special ring or rarely on magic boots or cloak;
  • Flying requre solid ground at the bottom, while FEATHER property works in the air (slowing fall) or help you to stay above the water.


  • Protection from amnesia (PROT_ and TMD_OPP flags);
  • New FORGET_LEVEL effect – makes player forget level surroundins (return back “fog of war”);
  • Beholder race and mindcrafter class are immune to amnesia.


  • New starting weapon for fighter classes – club;
  • Mage new spell: “Frost Shield”; mage’s offensive spells 1-20 lvl buffed;
  • Unveliever: search, dig, INT, CHR improved. Also unbelievers can replenish their forces when making damage to non-natural magic users. Also they could sense invisible creatures in melee range, can resist item’s curses and cancel some other magic effects, eg when they drink from magic fountains they often can unmagic it. Unbeliever resists to item’s curses (and bad scrolls), but can not uncurse items;
  • Priest got malus to non-blunt weapons;
  • Archers can see farther than others.


  • Minotaur race got slight buff;
  • Ents:
    – don’t eat normal food; but drink from magic fountains (you find plenty of them in the dungeon); also ents could get some nourishment by drinking from any source of water, including rivers and lakes; though it will not make them full. – using water also somewhat helps them in healing wounds;
    – ents immune to polymorph;
    – can stay still completely silent;
    – don’t have innate ESP except ‘animal’;
    – worse at shooting, got better stats, normal exp, move slower;
    – got defence bonus from thick bark.
  • Merfolk
    – got some nourishment from drinking from magic fountains and even a bit from drinking from any open water, though it will not make them full. Using water also helps them in healing wounds;
  • Hydra & Balrog got reduced AGGRO radius;
  • Vampire
    – got malus during the day (HP, skills and stats); this malus developing during vampire getting more experienced (as young vampires just recently initiated and don’t feel discomfort from daylight yet);
    – got ESP (except ESP animal);
    – don’t have IMPAIR HP during the night; got better stealth at night.
  • Werewolves got bonus to HP regeneration during the night;
  • Undead races don’t like blessed weapons;
  • Yeeks do not aggravate even with aggro equipment; but got very bad stats;
  • Humans got exp advantage in exchange to vitality;
  • Dragon got normal exp;
  • Hydra reduced movement;
  • Balrog
    – getting better in communication a bit during experiencing (CHR gain);
    – better STR at the beginning;
    – don’t have fear protection (it run away from G. after all);
    – got poison resistance;
    – less speedy and vunerable to steel.


  • DETECT_TRAPS and DETECT_DOORS magic depends of SEARCH skill;
  • Minimum dungeon level for detect traps/doors magic is 20;
  • Traps can now appear in rooms too;
  • Fixed CHR bonus to spells failrate;
  • You can not mine outside of the dungeon if you got small satiation;
  • Nazguls now got RES_LIGHT+HURT_LIGHT (which means regular damage);
  • Races/classes parameter bonuses now calculates from 0, instead of 1 lvl.

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