Seven Stars update


  • New monsters: Lonely tree; mutant telepath; mutant unbeliever; entwife; Fangorn, Oldest of the Ents.
  • Unicorns received additional resistances.
  • Nerfed a bit monsters in Mountain Gorge.
  • Increased speed of monster-objects (they were too idle).
  • Fixed double WOUND flags; monsters which had it got appropriate additional spell to preserve their initial balance.

New tiles:
– added 5 new tiles from DCSS for ents and tree-monsters;
– imported 3 tiles from DCSS for end-game sea-monsters;
– reworked Sangahyando and Angamait of Umbar tiles.


  • Remastered volume and stereo problems for 16 sounds.
  • Removed non-ASCII symbols from artifacts names (previously I’ve deleted them from monster names too).
  • New screen now got 7 Stars.
  • AI_LEARN = true (in test mode).
  • Restored deleted by mistake artifact’s preface.


  • Added invisibility and wraith potions. Beware, they have side-effects.
  • Mapping spells now cause hallucination for a while.
  • Enlightments and *E* scrolls can’t be bought from store anymore (buy it from other player).
  • Added new artifact: Athame ‘Elbereth’ (in rememberings of old version of Nethack).
  • Increased detection magic radius a bit.
  • Added resist poison potions to Shtukensia.


  • Added pre-defined client options (among others, X:view_yellow_light).
  • Old Guard now mentions direction to town.
  • Dragon race: trap disarming nerfed.
  • A lot of updates at website – new articles, guides, etc

Server wiped, gamedata & .psd updated.

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