Slimer evolution

Slimer – it’s pretty peculiar creature:
Incredibly foul-smelling potato-shape ghost with gigantic appetite, he eats anything on it’s way. When he passes through solid objects, he leaves behind a nasty bright-green slime.

He isn’t a common monster… He’s got certain evolution which you could see in real-time while playing the game; thanks to new SHAPECHANGE from V.

Once upon a time you could meet mutated slime mold:
An enormous amoeboid substance colony which slowly quivering. Its defencing mechanisms are quite amazing…

This substance under certain condition could transform into ectoplasm:
Strange greenish liquid which floats in the air in one big blog, that burl from inside. It’s moving in chaotic manner and slowly drifting somewhat randomly.. but eventually crawling a bit closer to you. You do not know what to expect from it, but it won’t be anything good for sure.

And then.. ectoplasm may mutate into a slimer! So we have there certain evolution of monster species, mutated slime moldectoplasmslimer:Beware, he is very hungry!

Ectoplasm will be able to take different forms; smiler is only one of these..

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