PWMAngband 1.4.0 dev #3 version

– Stop block fall trap crash
– Fix a few small bugs
– Nerf death wings/golems
– Remove Unlife pits (we already have golem and elemental pits)
– Reorganise player-attack
– Increase bigger weapon dice chance
– V-combat throwing
– Modify some artifacts
– Make ent draughts nourish like honey-cakes
– Harmonise plurals of hydra
– Change order of messages when taking items off
– Detarget teleported monsters if out of LoS
– Add j/k keys for scrolling help text
– Nerf Recharge effect
– Make stunning kill fastcast, tap devices stun
– Halve device damage boosts
– Give some monsters orb of draining
– Fix resource leak (file descriptor not closed)
– Grammatical and spelling fixes
– Simplify Term_fresh
– Give ATTR_FLICKER to Cantoras and Gilim
– Give Alchemist’s gloves better armor
– Arrange town shops along streets
– Light hidden squares in town
– Un-hardcode hybrid monsters by adding a HYBRID flag
– Make sure every extra projection effect has a message
– Show plater grid trap or terrain on status line
– Make items with random resists also ignore that element
– Allow player to be pushed into traps, webs or objects by earthquakes
– Add README file
– Replace hardcoded flicker table with one from a config file
– Implement color cycling
– Nerf to Mana Channel
– Make Cover Tracks reduce monster hearing and sight as well as smell
– Major changes to blackguards
– Don’t show negative values in spell info
– Add player_property.txt
– Fix incorrect number of bytes read from Packet_scanf() calls
– Add browsing of player abilities
– GCU port fixes
– Changed Term_resize() to handle all of the saved stack of terminals
– Add movement speed to status line
– Make birth_ai_learn learn from breath attacks
– Make birth_ai_learn on by default
– Make monsters at preferred range more likely to cast spells
– Prevent randart launchers from getting negative multipliers
– New option: Use white color for torch-lit grids in towns
– Replace specific skeletons by general skeletons, rework Raise effect

Note: this is now on par with current V.

Yay! Client/server updated!

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