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I’ve decided to go back to Tolkien-based lore, as my own fantasy world can not fit all diversity of traditional Angband gameplay.. and I don’t wanna cut it off. So I would rather on the contrary – to enhance it and turn into the new universe which does not depend on my fantasy book; and do not depend on canonic JRRT ideas either.

Welcome to the new World:
(please note, that it’s draft edition; it will be updated a lot of times).

The idea with dimension’s rifts is brilliant – as it explains why we have all these dungeons in the world (some of them are canonic to ME, some are not; and if not – it’s a rift).

Also the whole non-canonic to Tolkien bestiary get a legit explanation (these creatures appeared out of rifts).

And… even stuff from 1-2-3 Ages which we could meet – also have an explanation now. Some dimensions are kinda ‘copies’ of ours (which we claim canonic and true for ourselves as we were born there and exist there) which exist in a different point of time. So there is a much higher probability to meet something from ‘clone’ dimension coming from a rift, than something weird (which also sometimes possible to meet, but with a lower chance), as our dimension is closer to our ‘clones’ then to others. That’s why we often meet stuff from 1-2-3 Ages in our adventures…while we exist in 4th Age!

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