Score! 20 new classes

During past month I’ve worked at new classes. As we have specifics that it is not possible to add new classes without server wipe, I’ve decided to add as much classes as I can, in one go, so we won’t need more wipes in nearby future because of this particular reason. So I’ve added all classes which I wanted to have in Tangaria.

Some of these classes still require a lot of work as designing 20 classes in one month it is kinda quite hardcore task. So please report your opinion and test results in our Discord. List of new classes with short description (for more detailed descrioption check ‘Classes‘ in the guide):

  • Tamer – got animal companions which give them powers;
  • Druid – nature magic and can shift to animals;
  • Fighter – superstitious mercenary who uses various fighting tricks;
  • Knight – noble knight in heavy armour who charges into enemies;
  • Traveller – common person who went for an adventure with a four-legged friend;
  • Bard – can use music magic to bring cure and wreak havoc;
  • Battlemage – uses power of elements and good in melee fighting;
  • Necromancer – has powers to raise and command armies of dead;
  • Hermit – holy monk sworn not to take weapon in his hand;
  • Wizard – legendary magician who obtained ancient magic secrets;
  • Trader – merchants with cats who can sell items to NPC stores;
  • Assassin – stealthy slayers which specialises in deadly sentries;
  • Phaseblade – teleports around and cut enemies to pieces;
  • Cryokinetic – can instantly change surrounding temperature to extremums;
  • Timeturner – very brittle, but lightning fast, they commands time by void magic;
  • Scavenger – vagabonds with rats who can salvage equipment into valuables;
  • Alchemist – can brew potions from reagents to bring salvation and destroy;
  • Crafter – gather resources to crafting equipment;
  • Inquisitor –  antimagic barehanded combat with their own ‘magic’;
  • Adventurer – jack of all trades (this particular class isn’t ready yet).

Other class changes:

  • PWMA Druid renamed to Shaman;
  • PWMA Necromancer renamed to Warlock.

There are plenty of other updates, but I’ll publish them a bit later. Please test new classes and report in Discord if any problems noticed. Some of new classes are drafts and a lot of stuff needed to be rebalanced and polished. I need your feedback! Thanks.

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