Tamer’s call

irstly some past changes’ notes which weren’t included to the past patchnotes list:

  • Maximum spell’s numbers in spellbooks increased from 9 to 11;
  • Occasingly more traps will be spawned in the dungeon;
  • Spell cooldown reduces only while inside of the dungeon;
  • DETECT_TRAPS and DETECT_DOORS fix: now it properly depend on Search skill (only mid-game);
  • New TMD effect “OCCUPIED”: no energy/turn during alchemy skills and some other activities;
  • Allow cast PROJ_MON_SPEED to monsters (buff pets with Tamer’s speed spell);
  • Forbid to use ACQUIRE on surface;
  • Added DETECT ANIMALS to ESP list;
  • Plenty of new pets-monsters for according classes (Tamer, Necromancer etc);
  • New flags and effects for new classes (GOLEM, SENTRY, SALVAGE, ALCHEMY etc);
  • New object type – reagent (include “Rare Herb”, “Rare Mineral”, “Crafting Material”);
  • New potions made by Alchemist which includes tradable polymorph potion;
  • Some of classes titles were changed;
  • Reduce Enchant Armour/Weapon magic spells dices;
  • New sound for sentry;
  • Reduced penalties for Clairvoyance and Map area spells for some classes;
  • Optimized do_cmd_tunnel_aux();
  • SPEND_MANA effect which may be used in spells/objects to spend player’s mana depending on player’s level or other variables;
  • New soulbound flag for items in object structure;
  • Secure NO_DROP vs throwing;
  • Revert TERROR nerf (as you can’t attack or cast with it);
  • Fix for ‘!’ wrong priority for p->wpos.depth.

And now some latest Tamer class changes:

  • Tamer’s pets now do not expire every now and then;
  • Tamers will be able to heal thier pets or resurrect (resummon) them with special skills;
  • Tamer got new skills: Froggie’s Jump, Veterinary, Summon Pet, Heal Pet (last 3 can be found in second town book);
  • Tamer’s mana costs reduced.

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