Big spring rebalance

Races page now got pictures! ;D

Oookey.. And we have quite a lot of rebalancing of new and old races. There are plenty of stuff worth mentioning but I’m a bit short of time atm, so for now will say just:

  • As new racial forms can’t cast spells (yet) – they got additinal survival bonuses
  • Most of races which had too hard start with some classes now got special bonuses which will help them to survive first days… It’s temporary measure till more weights for gamebalance scales will be implemented.
  • Adjusted appearences: spider form, wraith, lizardmen, troglodyte, draconian, beholder and his form… and wood-elf‘s hair no londer white
  • Also take a look at adorable yeeks race. Now they got special funny forms:

oook   eeek   yaak

…while yeeks are frighten they turn into balls of fur which can not move or attack, but they got plenty of thirst to live…  these forms helps at least small portion of yeeks to avoid early death by waiting in safe when ?WoR yanks them up to the town.

oook yeek form is a tribute to Angband mecca: 🙂

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