Bit by bit

  • ASCII mountains ^:y ^:r → ^:u
  • Early game truearts weapon went 5-10 lvls up
  • Imba truearts weapons lvls up
  • Assigned 0 allocs for trueart weapons
  • Blinking dot become lurker
  • New monsters (ZAngband): It; Stormbringer; Null, the Living Void
  • New artifacts: ‘Stormbringer’, ‘Excalibur’
  • Stormbringer become an ‘object’ (move Grond and Crown to objects too?)
  • Gold table revamp: the recess moved up; min become 10 → 15
  • Added 20+ graphical fonts
  • All vanilla PWMA fonts now got additional 1-bit graphics. If you wish to play in ASCII-only mode: replace .prf files with Tangaria\lib\customize\font-xxx.prf.default
  • ASCII: added 1bit graphics for dungeon bosses, nazguls and some townies // White Barlog become… white 🙂
  • Changed structure of .prf files up to new PWMA standarts 

In the discord you can now choose your class in Tangaria and your choice will change the color of your nickname. To assign a class, on channel #bot:
=rank1 → a list of classes will be shown; it is on two pages, look through (the command p2 to go to the second page) and enter the number.

To report typo, error or make suggestion: select text and press Ctrl+Enter.

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