PWMAngband: breaths and bolts

– Add a lore-color-immune entry for monster’s poison breaths, bolts, and balls
– Remove option to display help from the options screen
– Change monster.txt’s comments for specific drops
– Add power to remove curse effect description
– Change manual selection of server from ctrl-m to ctrl-s
– Make decoys only work when in monster’s LoS
– Fix PROJECT_LOS_AWARE (sleep, slow, confuse, dispel works again!)
– Allow configuration of SDL sound module without configuring the corresponding
front end
– In vaults, automatically mark inner permanent walls with SQUARE_WALL_INNER
– Clarify/update comments related to dungeon generation
– Avoid more compiler warnings
– Display %fail of first spell at character birth (point-based roller)
– Display expected number of blows per round at character birth (point-based

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