Dive fast, die young, leave a high-CHA corpse

An update ready… though it’s not live yet. It will be online closer to the weekends all together with server wipe. Right now you could already test it on local machine – to do so get it from github. Patchnotes:

  • Added additional slow digestion. Golems and Wraiths almost don’t need to eat;
  • Added CHARISMA stat (V 3.4.1 port + adjustments);
  • Charisma influence prices in the shops; later on several new effects will be added;
  • Charisma is end-game stat. The only way to increase Charisma is to drink potions of Augmentation;
  • All races and classes got initial bonuses/maluses to charisma. Eg necromancers got -4 charisma; while priest got +4; spider got -9, while high-elves +5. Please note that character could have certain progression over his life: young high-elves got neutral charisma; though when they become older – it grows.

During charisma stat assigning, there were some more race rebalance:

  • Half-trolls got ‘common’ regen;
  • High-elves got a bit harder start in the beginning: less INT and WIS; though Light resistance now inhereted from lvl 1 (instead of 50);
  • Thunderlord: +3 stealth, +1 hp, no malus to mana;
  • Dragons: +1 HP; melee bonus and nexus resistance removed;
  • Hydras can swim. Elder hydras now could obtain chaos resistance;
  • Damned: +1 hp;
  • Barbarians become more sturdy;
  • Goblins: +1 STR later on, better in search. Elder goblin who made it to survive till mature age got extra speed;
  • Ogre: +1 hp, -1 stealth later on;
  • Troll: thick skin now provide protection which enhance during lifetime;
  • Orc: elders got bonus to stealth and speed;
  • Forest Goblin: elders become stronger and faster;
  • Dark Elves: become stealthier more early;
  • Wereworlfs: become less stealthier more later;
  • Undead: +1 hp, a bit better at fighting at beginning;
  • Vampire: +1 hp;
  • Enlightened renamed to Maiar: get exp +25% faster, +1 hp;
  • Cambion renamed to Demonic: not vulnerable to time attacks anymore;
  • Celestial: +1 hp, vulnerable to time attacks, strogner at beginning;
  • Balrog: +1 hp;
  • Nephalem: resists light and darkness at 25, kill demons at 25, destroy demons at 40;
  • Golem: +1 hp. Also now golem ‘upgrade’ his parts at certain levels which gives him better parameters;
  • Frostmen: elders got cold brand;
  • Djinns: don’t have bonus to protection;
  • Troglodyte: a bit more faster;
  • Lizardmen: stronger in time;
  • Imp: +1 hp.

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