Nagas do not wear boots

  • new flag: NO_BOOTS
  • Djinns can’t wear boots anymore; but now they are not limited in teleportation and recalling; though at high levels they don’t have res_mana and got slowed regen of HPs and mana
  • Nagas can’t wear boots too. But they become faster in time (in actions, not in movement)
  • Wraith can not recall anymore and had to crawl in walls to find exit from the dungeons.  Now they got +2HP dice, no penalty to DEX, not limited in teleportations; but lost their initial bonus to speed
  • Troglodyes could become stronger in time
  • Half-trolls now don’t need extra food (but pure trolls – do)
  • Merfolk got regeneration (weaker version)
  • Lizardmen not so good in melee

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