Chop and dig

– Fix fire_till_kill problem which freezed client due too often animation;
– Fix jamming of h command;
– Fix problem with multiple values of the same resistance for races;
– Added double resistance race indicator to character sheet;
– RAND_100 flag to make monster move randomly;
– Fish in town now swims more natural way;
– Now you may slip on icy terrain (+sound);
– All dungeons now have small chance to generate unexpected features like water, sand and stone veins;
– Now you can hear how you dig stone or chop trees;
– You can hear when you’ve felled the tree.


– bonus to AC
– receive slow digestion right from the start
– removed malus to speed
– removed damage reduction

– immunity to water replaced to double resistance

– immunity to nether replaced to double resistance
– no malus to movement speed

– start not with constant susceptibility to light/darkness, but with vulnerability which may be fixed
– late immunity to light/darkness replaced to double resistance
– got ‘slay demon’ at lvl 1 -> 35
– got fast digestion at 1

– mid-lvl fire/acid vulnerability now may be covered by resistances
– immunities to fire/cold/electricity/acid replaced with double resistance
– no more malus to speed and movement
– no more impaired hp regeneration
– less stealth malus
– less mana bonus
– no more early blows boni
– no more physical damage vulnerability

– immunity to cold replaced to double resistance
– vulnerability to fire mitigated at lvl 35
– got cold brand at 1 -> 45 lvl
– got ‘kill troll’ 25 -> 32 lvl

– immunity to poison replaced to double resistance

– immunity to light replaced to double resistance
– less STR malus
– less movement malus

– gradually receive fire protection: from resistant to immunity

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