Roguelike pets


  • Thunderlords got their tamed eagles at last! It’s our first implementation of pets.
    – eagles grow in time: from tiny nestling to Great Eeagle;
    – eagles fly around and attack enemies;
    – in case if monster severely attacked eagle – eagle fly away back to master;
    – thunderlords now easily discovered by enemies as they sing their battle songs loudly and their eagle piercingly screams seeking for pray…
    – need to eat more often to feed themselves and their eagle;
    – do not have previous boni (resistance and expanded ESP).
  • Imps race – little mischievous tricksters – now teleport at will from time to time;
    – in time player will be able to ‘tame’ them, but at start they will teleport around putting you into different adventurous situations;
    – imps can enter ‘Stealth Mode’ (shift+S);
    – imps got high saving throw, less mana penalty, moderate fire resistance at mid-game.
  • Werewolf race now howls from time to time at night.. Also at night they can cut enemies and got:
    – more HP bonus;
    – better stats;
    – worse at shooting;
    – additional speed boni;
    – magic resistance.
  • Beholder race now may try to predict future from time to time which cause hallucinations;
    – they do not have malus to melee attacks anymore;
    – they may obtain better physical strength than before.
  • Damned race now struggle constant disaster which higher powers send to exterminate them – from time to time gods summoning their emissaries around.
    – got plenty of skill/stat boni and protection from fear;
  • Troll and Djinn got no lvl FEELINGs; but now Troll is better in regeneration and Djinn doesn’t have exp penalty;
  • Draconian race gain intrinsic basic resistances, fire at 10, cold at 20, acid at 30 and lightning at 40;
  • Minotaurs now aggroes monsters on close distance, but don’t have physical vulnerability and movement malus anymore.

New lights

  • Bright light now affect stealth, so exploring cave with dim torch might be good idea after all;
  • Chance of generation Phial of Galadriel reduced (to reduce chance to generate good randart phials), while chance to generate Phial of Undeath increased;
  • New light artifacts (inspired by FAangband, Oangband, TomeNET):
    – Lamp of Gwindor, Pearl ‘Nimphelos’, Stone of Lore;
    – Also set of new Palantirs: of Avallone, of Orthanc, of Minas Ithil, of Minas Tirith; rework of Palantir of Westernesse;
  • New activation effect for lights: Galadriel and Stone of Lore;
  • Everburning lanterns and Dwarven lamps rework;
  • New sounds and messages formatting for food/light stealing/draining so it will be easier to notice when it happens.

Other roguelike stuff

  • Rogue can’t turn poison into poison;
  • Warning message for Sandworm Lair poison;
  • Reduced nourishment for some mapping activation effects;
  • Tileset:
    – undead and wood-elf races got new looks;
    – added pearl and green stone items;
    – green elf archer new appearance;
    – tiles for new races and their forms.

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