PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 10

– New dungeon: The Ettenmoors (home of trolls)
– New players start with 80% satiation instead of 89%
– Prevent teleporting on NO_MONSTERS terrain
– Fix crash in rd_player_traps()
– Give blackguards detection of monsters susceptible to fear
– Drop grid target after a monster vanishes from view
– Add whether a projection wakes a monster to struct projections
– Make more things wake monsters
– Fix an out-of-bounds access to el_info in adjust_dam()
– Enable turning labyrinths and moria levels off completely
– Use SetWindowPlacement when re-opening the game in Windows
– Give the teleportation curse a message
– Remove disturb() argument
– Make curse activation disturb the player
– Reduce food value of healing potions
– Make winners appear first in hall of fame
– Stop divide-by-zero crash bug in lore
– Add option to sort monsters by experience instead of depth in the monster list
– Allow alter command to close doors and open chests
– Fix an error in monster_remove_from_groups()
– Only describe brands and slays that come from the object
– Make TMD_BOWBRAND work on missiles only (both fired and thrown)
– Make class brands work on ranged attacks

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