Djinns shall not pass!

Tangaria now got its own git source repo:
Binaries & data accessible there:

For now there is new NO_RECALL flag, so djinns can not use World of Recall magic anymore.. use your legs (or what djinns got in their place…) and stairs.

PWMA got cool update too — FAST_SPAWN dungeon flag which double monster respawn rate. FAST_SPAWN flag setted to The Old Ruins dungeon. Also Powerwyrm continues bloody fight with circular_rooms recently ported from V which bashes server to death every now and then. Yet another fix today, crossing fingers that it will be the last one on this circular issue.

At the end of the day PWMA Wyrms Inc breathe fire with yet another hot update:
– Take into account sidebar/topbar in double-height tile rendering
– Use font-tng.prf instead of font-sdl.prf for “tg” fonts
– Change visual mapping for PvP arena wall
– Add error condition check to file_putf
– Don’t use handle_stuff() in adjust_level()
– Update comments for room templates’ rating and type
– Update .gitignore

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