Regeneration != hunger

Oook, our baby startin to make his (her?) fledged first steps.

I was quite unsatisfied by regeneration property in Tangaria, as food is quite rare there. There were a rumours that regeneration property made you eat much more often.. So having regeneration as it’s implemented in V made this property quite harmful in Tangaria, most players avoided having regeneration.

So now it’s independent property; while there is a new property – hunger. Even not only hunger, but also HUNGER (twice bigger one). Changes:

  • Regeneration now do not require extra nourishment
  • New flags HUNGER and HUNGER_2
  • Arts and items with regeneration rebalanced
  • New flag: RACE_REGEN. Gives additional regeneration to certain races (do not stuck with traditional regeneration; racial regen is better than regen from magic items)
  • Half-trolls, Trolls, Werewolfs and Troglodyte got regen all together with hunger.. Damned, Hydras and Lizardmen got regen without malus
  • Nazgul rings now make you want to eat pretty badly (instead of drain_exp, which is quite profitable property in Tangaria)
  • misc technical stuff

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