Female problem: god bless… wipes!

After past update (or previous?) we have a tiny problem – other players’ female characters are not drawn on the screen. To reproduce: simly look at any female Thunderlord warrior  – it would appear as black box. At the same time if you play such character by yourself – it would be ok, you would see yourself alright. So it’s not critical issue.
I suppose this problem appeared with new dragon breeds’ customization feature. I’ve tested server setup with purged save folder and everything worked fine there, so it would be fixed simply with character wipe (which would happen ~ this weekend).
It’s great to run a permadeath game as wipes do not hurt players at all. So it’s much easier to create major updates to the game engine (yay Powerwyrm!). I suppose it’s one of the reasons why online roguelikes traditionally is very conservative in development – to preserve character saves in right state… if you would add new object to DB in wrong place – you would ruin characters’ savefiles. We do not have this problem 😛 Even when there would be more players around – it’s totally alright to make wipes once upon a time if we would need it to add major features to the game. One character per account + permadeath = <3
At the same time, we are coming closer to new custom map, I’ve almost finished porting/resizing tiles – past stream in Russian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNBBc6RHBP4 , past stream in English https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Rr-qDj_-Yc. Stay in touch!

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