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Hiho! We are alive, don’t worry 🙂 Game is running and you could continue to play it; at the same time I’m continuing to develop new tileset. Almost finished with graphics itself; so soon would start to bind it to object’s DB.

Sometimes I make pause in development cause my hand hurt, but it’s not the main reason why tileset work go slowly: at first I wanted to create really ‘tiny’ demo of custom towns; but when I started to work, I understood that it would be better to make everything properly and use all available tiles – currently we are limited to 255 terrain objects in town_feat.txt , so I’ll use them all.. till the time when I’ll be able to lift ‘255’ limitation myself, as Powerwyrm refused to do it in PWMA. Yep, it’s pretty sad.. We (me and Powerwyrm) got problems in communication recently, but I hope we would be able to restore cooperation in future.

You could watch tileset creation process at my youtube channels during live streams or watch videos afterwards:

youtube.com/GameGlaz — streams in English (playlist)
youtube.com/StreamGuild — streams in Russian (playlist)

Soon ™ new world begin!

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