HP bars: ave IDDQD!

While I’m working at tileset, I (just fo fun) replaced boring numbers with the legendary face 🙂 Tested it and it’s appeared to look quite good (especially when you are ‘R’esting from low HP hehe).

Also I got an alternative idea – to use lines: 

Not sure where to stop yet, would be glad to see your feedback.

To use new hp bar – update the client.

To report typo, error or make suggestion: select text and press Ctrl+Enter.

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2 Responses to HP bars: ave IDDQD!

  1. Morgray says:

    kinda funny Idea :)) a tribute to the immortal masterpiece. numbers are too boring

    • tangar says:

      yep, numbers are wrong to tileset, but native fro ASCII mode. Ideally it would be to have transparent layer with HP bar, but it’s not possible atm

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