Gamedev stream and tileset worksheet

Today I’ve made my first ‘gamedev’ stream (in Russian this time, next would be in English), where I work with new Tangaria tileset:

During this stream I’ve showed my Russian friends how to work with Angband tileset and afterward I continued to work with AO tileset redesign.

Also I wanna share my .PSD (photoshop) worksheet which makes work with tileset EZPZ. It’s got guidelines with coordinates at separate layers and some new tileset from genious Gervais. Feel free to download worksheet at our website.

It’s just a start, we’ll make loads of updates and Shtukensia would draw new tiles – so be in touch 🙂 This .PSD file would be updated.

So far the useful in this file is for example ‘Rubble’ tiles – they got proper background and also Shtukensia redesigned ‘passable rubble’ at last – feel free to add it to V-distributive or in any other variant!

And of course everyone are welcome to join the work with Gervais’s heritage enhancement! Join Tangaria discord, lets do it together!

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