Monsters swimming!

Much more monsters can swim now (previously only water immune monsters were able to do it);

  • Monsters can be mediocre at swimming, be good or bad at it; lore is Tolkien-inspired (eg Halflings don’t swim.. except Gollum);
  • Now it’s possible to pass trees in town for everyone;
  • Nerfed some mid-end game food a bit;
  • Freesia won’t spawn in Old Ruins;
  • New TMD_MOVE_FAST effect which increase movement speed;
  • Stomach Water and Salt water restore some mana;
  • Stomach Water can’t be found in fountains;
  • Fix #1 shop wrong prices on magic projectiles;
  • Reduce chance to meet Hunger Trap;
  • Drinking from open water can satisfy a bit more;
  • Allow player to shoot/cast into monster in trees;
  • No nazgul rings for sale in player’s store;
  • Prevent insta KO from Stormbringer and Death vortex;
  • Mage’s “Phase Door” now makes you move faster for some time, which gives possibility to run in case of emergency;
  • Mage’s “Frost Bolt” damage increased, fail rate reduced;
  • Mage spell: Frost Shield -> Frost Attunement; reduced mana cost and fail rate; also fixed wrong resistance. This spell now:
    Icy aura creates a curtain of ice around you to block enemy attacks,
    damaging and freezing them in the process, grants cold resistance, but also
    greatly reduce stealth, movement and can make you vulnerable to fire.
    10 level: + 10 to AC
    20 level:
    – brands your physical attacks with cold
    – you are not vulnerable to fire, but can not have double resist or immunity
    30 level:
    – grants double cold resistance
    – you can not have fire immunity
    40 level:
    – reduce malus to stealth and movement
    – no more fire resist limitations
    50 level: grants cold immunity
  • Rogue class:
    Create Poison: rarely isolate a nutrious substance.
    Stair Creation: you’ve become tired after building stairs and it reduce your satiation a bit.
    Cloak of Changement: also makes you walk faster for a short while.
    Hide Tracks (former Create Traps): now also prevents you from leaving scent for monsters to track you.
    Far Escape: require nutrition
    Trick or Treat (former Summon Monsters): challenge gods for a bet – they summon a rival to you and for such daring they rewards you with a blessing.

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