New world map coming

As I like to keep you informed (and make daily updates 😛 )… Whats going on:
I’ve started to create a new custom world map. This is a big work which consist of several steps:
1) to add new custom tiles. So far added several dozens of new tiles from beautiful Gervais artwork (he is a real genious);
2) to bind new tiles to tileset and gamedata;
3) to design new locations. I’ll start with 2, so it would be a ‘demo’ to understand is it good idea at all. I’ve drew several variants already ‘on paper’, I’ll share this work in one of my following streams;
4) to ‘map’ new locations within ASCII (there would be stream with this work).

Please note that there would be a server wipe when new world map would be established.

So far I’ve found a bug which prevents using custom locations, but I hope that Powerwyrm would be able to fix it soon =)

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  1. Morgray says:

    Gervais tiles are really beatiful, at first they were stranger to me, because I got used to Tomenet graphics, but now I understand that these pictures are indeed very atmospheric and nice. Hope Tangar that you will manage to achieve what you have in mind, because now honestly even though I love the Idea of Wilderness, it is somewhat pointless or maybe hard to use, ’cause it is difficult to travel overworld, but I hope you will make a great and interesting thing! the Idea of a custom wilderness which is not so big and nonetheless is full of exciting places fascinates me :))) Move On!

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