Dragons and graphics

Soon we would have a new update. Some sneak peaks:
Powerwyrm is finishing a rebalance of Dragon race, wraithform and invisibility:
  • The 4 base dragons (red, blue, white, black) now have immunity, others only resistance.
  • Each breed now has a different xp factor, which MULTIPLIES the base factor of 450%. Currently, base dragons have a factor of 100 (so 450% penalty) while power dragon has a factor of 200 (so 900% xp penalty), while others in between have a factor of 120-180.
  • Hardcoded stuff has been pulled out of code and put into dragon_breed.txt. 
  • Fixed bug with Ethereal dragons being immute to breath attacks.
  • Wraithform:
    – prevents regen and drains 1 hp per turn while standing on non-passable terrain (same penalty as necromancers in undead form)
    – consumes a lot of food
  • Invisibility:
    – is now a flag: a monster can see a player or not (until attacked, on which case the invisibility drops and the monster reacts normally), no more randomness
    – is less likely to fool mobs (depending on monster level)
    – consumes a lot of food
Also Powerwyrm managed to fix a town spawning bug 😀 Yay!
At that time I’m working with graphics – changing Gervais’ tileset back to UT32 using PWMA 1111. It’s huge and boring work, but it should be done so in future it would be much easier to work with tileset  – I plan to add hundreds of new objects – from new terrain types to… furniture. Towns would become very different with a new custom world 🙂 
Also while I’m revamping tileset, I’m changing appearence of different tiles, adding new ones and editing oldies. Soon Shtukensia would start drawing new tiles, so any new object we implement would have proper image in oldschool ‘Gervais style’!

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