New PWMAngband 1.2.0 build 2 relased!

YAY! Powerwyrm made it! πŸ˜€ Now it’s possible to assign up to 65025 object’s images to the game World!


– Make book realms struct magic_realm
– Give spells a realm
– Remove class realms, replace class spellcasting stat with average of spellcasting stats
– Remove obsolete PRAY packet, use CAST instead
– Move books from object.txt to class.txt
– Add drop-base to monster.txt
– Monsters with “drop-base” drop random book based on depth
– Rename House of Arcanes to Bookseller
Redesign town_feat.txt and town_xxx.txt files to allow 255×255 different tiles in towns

I’ll finish new tileset asap to produce wipe&restart. Huuuge streams are coming!

And it’s not the end of good news.. I’ll share some more cool stories soon πŸ˜›

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