PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 7

– Fix stupid strcpy error in SDL client and player history
– Fix floor not updated when the DM generates a randart from a floor item
– Use custom dungeon doors for door mimics
– Use custom dungeon floors when destroying a door or digging a wall
– Add custom permawall features, stairs and rubbles to dungeon.txt
– Fix memory leaks when cleaning up dungeon info
– Add “!” option on character birth screen to show race/class stat gains and abilities
– Allow Blackguards to actually shapechange into werewolves
– Add new DF_STREAMS flag to allow magma/quartz veins in dungeons
– Allow generic “#R” inscription on items and spellbooks to ask for recall depth manually
– Allow “=g<number>” inscription to limit the number of items automatically picked up
– Fix great earth elemental spells
– Add check in parse_monster_spells() to ensure innate/spell frequency is set if necessary
– Adjust digestion rates, add mushrooms of Purging in the General Store

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