PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 8

– Replace fake permawall terrain by SQUARE_FAKE flag
– Reintroduce sandwalls in the Sandworm Lair that were accidentally commented out
– Fix crash in rd_objects_aux()
– Display the cursor under the player on the minimap
– Give Gilim IM_COLD and Nan IM_FIRE
– Stop player being able to run out of a web without clearing it
– Add thrown damage for shots and pebbles
– Allow fuzzy kind searching to use exact name by prefixing the search with ‘#’
– Add custom fountains to dungeon.txt
– Switch tval/sval pair from byte to u16b

Tomorrow we will have a wipe, please RIP your characters nicely till then 😉 PWMA update will be pushed on server after wipe.

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