PWMAngband 1.5.0 (Apr 9, 2021)

– Allow fuel to be drawn from the quiver
– Add /know, /party, /who, /abi and /gold chat commands as shortcuts for “Check knowledge”, “Access party menu”, “Display connected players”, “View abilities” and “Drop gold” commands
– Notice changes to the weight limit in update_bonuses()
– Plug resource leaks of missing file_close() calls
– Fix monster list subwindow not reacting to subwindow horizontal resizing
– Learn curses properly when applied directly to worn items
– Learn runes of carried weapons properly for races and classes that cannot use
– Fix keymaps using ‘{‘ symbol
– Modify compare_items() so the result is zero when both items are unknown
– Optimize obj_kind_can_browse()
– Stop resending whole inventory when a single item is affected
– fixed bug when extra MOVES were gained over levels for some races

Please update client to the the latest version.

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