PWMAngband bug busting

– Prevent out of bounds asserts when players change level
– KEYMAP_ACTION_MAX increased from 20 to 35
– Remove ladder info from character dumps
– Stop resending whole equipment when a single item is affected

Considering out of bounds bug – we tried to hunt it down for long time. Finally today Powerwyrm stack a spear into this insect:
This has nothing to do with player out of bounds or with first dungeon. When a player enters a new level, for a moment its (x,y) position is still the one on the old level while it’s depth has changed to the new level. Meanwhile monsters with more energy are processed in update_mon() where we do a update_mon_aux() for all players on the level. The update should NOT be done for players switching levels.

And increasing keymap size allows now to use macroes even with a very long names, eg spell “Find traps, doors & stairs“. Update the client to be able to use huge macroes 🙂

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