PWMAngband update

– Don’t refresh monster list after a pause due to detecting some monsters
– Add /dps command to display average normal damage per round
– Increase the number of fountains in dungeons
– New formula for average damage per attack for polymorphed players
– Polymorphed monks get half the to-dam bonus
– Hardcode poison effect on potions of poison to avoid identifying issues
– Rework account management
– Move artifact light sources to top of item list if unidentified
– SDL: make use of scalable fixed-width fonts in lib/fonts
– Windows: allow “Enable nice graphics” to use all tile multipliers available
in the menu
– Always display all character symbols on the minimap
– Highlight party members in blue on the minimap
– Display ASCII symbols for distorted tiles in knowledge screens
– Adjust calculation for holding summoned monsters
– Allow monsters to cross one tile of damaging terrain if it doesn’t kill them
– Allow multiple values for race/class abilities depending on level
– Check for resistance before issuing message about confusion from strong light or sound attacks
– Consider spells on cooldown as okay to cast by the client
– Update browse book screen when a spell enters or goes off cooldown
– Fix places where monster_is_mimicking() was used as a synonym for
– Tweak obj-init.c for robustness, consistency, and formatting
– Small optimization for lookup_sval()
– Tighten parsing in z-expression.c
– Tweak init.c for robustness and consistency
– Replace my_strcpy(b, format(…), sizeof(b)) with strnfmt(b, sizeof(b), …)
– Don’t modify names in projections array while parsing player_property.txt
– Tighten parsing in mon-init.c
– Have expression_base_value_f functions return an int32_t to match declaration
– Move more special cases hard coded in player-timed.c to player_timed.txt
– Extend and update comments in player_timed.txt
– Extend comments in brand.txt and slay.txt
– Add to the comments in monster_spell.txt
– Extend comments in projection.txt

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