Bards and troglodytes

  • New lightning system (darkness-loving Troglodytes, Vampire, Undead, Wraith)
  • Players’ houses now permanent
  • New monster – Acid Blob
  • Throwing rocks damage reduced
  • Cobbles have smaller throwing distance
  • Life leech not takes more ‘space’ in object generation
  • Ease early account points score 15-30-60→10-25-50
  • House selling (sell) prices rebalance
  • Lower prices on cabin house
  • Rod of speed min lvl req
  • Removed minimal level requirement for food
  • Satiation magic now restore up to 14% of nourishment
  • New attack type: BOLT_RADIUS effect (limited distance ray-bolt)
  • Poly ‘bird’ and ‘bat’ give FLYING
  • FLYING: can pass trees
  • Player_check_terrain_damage() adj: vampire FLYING
  • Non-TMD AFRAID indicator to status line
  • TMD_STONESKIN: now reduce only movement
  • Nerf AI_LEARN at endgame
  • ‘y’: classes go before races
  • Adjustments to PWMA formula for average damage per attack for polymorphed players. In Tangaria it’s average between old and new system.
  • Exclude wild cat from pits on shallow lvls
  • New effect: TMD_SPEEDY – Hastes you up to +10 to speed; based on current character level. So for level 5 player it’s +1, for level 50 it’s +10
  • Reduced ‘movement speed’ boni (as it stacks with speed)


  • Ent’s trees and WEB (spider) innate abilities rebalance
  • Troglodyte: stench (more scent) and noise
  • Naga got limited radius aggro
  • Vampire in “Vampiric mist” form can pass doors, rubbles, trees]
  • Ooze got RES_MANA
  • Maiar race: 2x speed penalty
  • Wraith race: hard to equip items on ghostly body
  • Undead race: custom resistances and vulnerability
  • Undead race: eat flesh to nourish and heal
  • Frostmen: limit ESP and feeling
  • Newborn dragons/hydras buff
  • Overall race re; especially ooze, troll, demonic, djinn
  • Some races can rarely dodge melee attacks: Halfling, Forest Goblin, Pixie. Also Wraith race avoid attacks quite often.


Full class rebalance for:

  • Hermit
  • Cryokinetic
  • Timeturner
  • Inquisitor 
  • Bard

Druid’s rat-form: sense curses

MA (MARTIAL_ARTS) damage nerf for polymorphed players

Monk class: revert endgame nerf for non-poly


  • Added animation for SDL/SDL2 client – do_animate_player()
  • Fix werewolf appearance from POV of other player
  • Hardcode spider evolution appearance
  • Fix playing ambient sounds upon recall into dungeon
  • Hermit and inquisitor classes got new appearance
  • Weather system improvements: weather elements, fixed redraw glitch, weather drizzle effect

Technical stuff

  • Fix throw sounds
  • DM account score now auto-assigned
  • Revert dump chat filter
  • Client: show FLYING in ‘C’
  • Fonts improvements and fixes

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