Races special abilities

All races now got special abilities. To use it – press y

Beholder: various magic rays
Demonic: summon minor demons
Djinn: make “wonders”
Pixie: become invisible
Draconian: breath fire
Undead: detect “living”
Imp: teleport at will
Wraith: pass through walls
Wisp: light area
Lizardmen: regenerate manually
Forest Goblin: cover tracks
Gnoll: detect monsters susceptible to fear
Naga: offensive stance
Titan: crush (dig-tunnel) terrain (walls)
Troglodyte: nourish self
Minotaur: haste
Harpy: clear slow
Centaur: charge at enemy
Frostmen: raise dead
Elemental: various elemental beams
Wood-Elf: see invisible
Golem: infravision
Gargoyle: space/time anchor
Nephalem: glyph
Celestial: holy blast
Balrog: fire whip
Maiar: lightning
Vampire: flight
Werewolf: restore polymorphed appearance
Orc: summon warg
Dark Elf: apply poison
Troll: stone skin
Ogre: restore mana
Half-Giant: magic resistance
Goblin: bloodlust
Black Dwarf: detect doors
Barbarian: heroic taunt
Merfolk: cure poison
Damned: prevent summon
Black Numenorean: detect evil
Thunderlord: electrify
Yeek: become bold
Kobold: poison resist
Dunadan: cure blackbreath
Half-Orc: restore strength
Dwarf: detect treasure
Gnome: clear hallucinations
Halfling: avoid traps
Elf: blessing
Half-Elf: heroism
Human: restore constitution
Spider: weave web
Ent: grow trees
Dragon: breath elements
Hydra: breath fire
Half-Troll: belch 🙂

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