PWMAngband (july 2022)

– Fix monster AI bug
– Broaden the possible grids for teleport destinations
– Fix Dungeon Master pet attacking other monsters
– Fix pets attacking non-hostile player pets
– Don’t display “Could not accept TCP Connection, socket error = 0” messages in the log
– Add swear word protection for names and messages
– Don’t beep when escape is pressed while ‘*’ targeting
– Protect calculation in object_value_real() against overflow
– Learn feather falling if equipped and exposed to fiery terrain
– Fix PROJECT_BEAM error making limited length beams not working
– Fix crash when targeting a healing spell with a friendly monster in sight
– Drop use of Mix_Init() to test for sound file compatibility
– Protect calculation in monster/object rating against overflow
– Check against overflow when boosting the value of out-of-depth object
– Fix some compiler warnings
– Adjust description of Mana Channel
– hit_trap(): interaction with disturb() and learning trap immunity rune
– Correct some comments related to the sound system
– Remove sound.cfg
– Changes to UN_KTRL and ENCODE_KTRL
– Return early from process_world() if the player takes fatal damage
– Damage player last so messages are ordered properly if the player dies
– Remove level requirement from shops
– Rework level requirement to depend only on object level and power

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